Dr. Horrible (Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog)

Dr. Horrible Finger Roll

dr_horrible_gogglesThe Goggles
These goggles that will look great atop your forehead, giving you the look of a true mad scientist.
Dr. Horrible's Lab CoatThe Lab Coat
This lab coat is about as close as you’re going to find, and only a truly dedicated (and obsessive) geek would actually call you out on the inconsistencies. That said, if the price is a bit steep for you, there are no shortage of cheap generic lab coats out there.
Dr. Horrible's GlovesThe Gloves
Nice white welding gloves are key to the costume. This pair looks the part perfectly and are quite affordable.
Dr. Horrible's BootsThe Boots
White rubber fishing boots. What more can I say?
The Pants
This is probably the least important part of the costume. I’m not saying you shouldn’t wear pants (because you should), but just swing by your local department store, pick up a pair of beige pants, then tuck them in to the boots. Personally, I’d just wear a pair of khakis that I already own.
Dr. Horrible's Freeze RayThe Freeze Ray
Last, but certainly not least, any Dr. Horrible needs a Freeze Ray to Stop….. The World. Find a suitable water gun and spray paint it black. (Maybe leave the tip orange so you don’t get arrested.)

Congratulations! You are now a fully suited-up Dr. Horrible. Feel free to shun any friends who don’t get the reference.

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