Flo from Progressive Insurance

DIY Flo from Progressive Insurance Costume

Love her or hate her, everyone knows Flo. Turns out, her’s is a pretty simple look to replicate. Here’s how.

DIY Flo from Progressive Insurance CostumeWhite Apron
Obviously this is a great starting point for the costume. Get a nice white apron, buy some iron-on tshirt transfers, print out the Progressive logo, then iron it on across the chest of the apron, and you’re all set.
Progressive Flo's ButtonsName Tag & I Love Insurance Button
If you’ve ever worked retail, you might have some old ones sitting around some where that you can cover with a white sticker and either draw on the name along with the orange and blue bars at the top or print it out from your computer on to the sticker. If you haven’t managed to accumulate at least one of these in your life, then you can always pick up a pre-made button/name tag set from the above link.
Flo from Progressive's BlouseWhite Collared Blouse with White Pants
This part is pretty straight forward. Chances are may even already one or both of these as part of your wardrobe. Regardless of the exact style, if it’s white it’ll work.
Hair, Headband, and Lipstick
If you’ve got long straight brown hair, you’re already set in that department. If you’ve got long brown hair, but it isn’t straight, you can straighten it. If all else fails, get a suitable wig. Once your hair is set, just add the headband and get your lips nice and bright red.
Converse Sneakers
Honestly, you probably don’t need to worry about the shoes. Most people won’t look at your feet and certainly won’t judge your costume because of them. If, however, you want to make sure everything is exact, these are the shoes you’ll need.

And that’s all there is to it!

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