Mario & Luigi (Super Mario Bros)


There is not a geek alive who at one point hasn’t wanted to dress as Mario for Halloween. Sure, you can go the easy route and pick up a generic pre-made Mario costume, but it is more fun and looks more authentic to piece it together yourself.

Mario's HatThe Hat
It just doesn’t get any closer than this. The only thing it is missing is Mario’s distinctive white patch with the red “M”. To solve this issue, cut out a white piece of cloth or iron-on patch from any fabric store in a circle with approximately a 1.5-2.5″ diameter and carefully draw the “M” on to it with a red Sharpie. Once done, either iron or sew it on to the front of the hat. For Luigi, pick up the green cap and use a green Sharpie.
Mario's GlovesThe Gloves
Every plumber needs a nice pair of perfectly white cotton gloves and these fit Mario & Luigi’s character perfectly.
Mario's OverallsThe Overalls
Just about any blue overalls will work, so shop around and find a good comfortable pair. If, like me, you’re not keen on buying pants online, there are plenty of brick and mortar stores that still that carry these perpetually out-of-fashion pants.
Mario's ShirtThe Shirt
Just about any long sleeve red shirt (green for Luigi) will do the trick. Unlike the gloves, hat, and overalls, this is the one part of the costume that you may wear out in public after you’re done with the costume, so pick something comfortable.
Mario's BootsThe Boots
Most people probably already have this part of the costume in their closet, but if you don’t, any good pair of brown work boots or hiking boots should look great.
Mario's MustacheThe Mustache
You’ve really got two options here. If you can grow a good mustache, do it! If not, there are no shortage of fake mustaches out there.
Mario MushroomAccessories
There are no shortage of terrific Super Mario Bros toys out there that will perfectly compliment a Mario or Luigi costume. Some of the better ideas include sound effects keychains, stars, mushrooms, and goombas.

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